Greetings from the realm of stylish manicures and fine nail art! With so many options available in the nail polish market in 2024, it’s more thrilling than ever to express yourself with your fingertips. Come along as we examine the distinctive qualities and products that set each of the best nail polish brands of 2024 apart in the beauty industry.

Essie: Timeless Elegance


For many years, the nail polish industry has associated Essie with classic elegance, making it one of the best nail polish brands. From classic nudes to striking neons, Essie provides a wide selection of shades. The brand is well-known for its distinctive formulations and wide color range. For individuals who value refinement in every stroke, Essie is a mainstay due to its unwavering dedication to quality, which guarantees flawless application and long-lasting wear.

OPI: Where Art Meets Nail


OPI, among the best nail polish brands, stands at the intersection of art and nails, captivating beauty enthusiasts worldwide. Beyond its extensive color palette, trendsetting shades, and quality, OPI is celebrated for its creative polish names. Collaborations with artists and influencers solidify OPI’s reputation as a trendsetter, making it a go-to brand for a unique and artistic nail experience. OPI’s commitment to creativity ensures each manicure is not just a beauty routine but an expression of individual style and artistry.

Zoya: Nail Health First


In a cosmetics business increasingly concerned with health and well-being, Zoya leads by prioritizing nail health, establishing itself as one of the best nail polish brands. Zoya’s commitment to non-toxic materials ensures that your nails stay healthy while providing a diverse and gorgeous range of colors. Zoya is the brand of choice for those seeking a balance between style and nail health, making it one of the best nail paint products on the market.

Sally Hansen: Salon-Quality at Home

Sally Hansen


Sally Hansen has been a household name for decades, earning its reputation as one of the best nail polish brands by delivering salon-quality results to the comfort of your home. With durable formulas, trendsetting colors, and user-friendly applications, Sally Hansen continues to set the standard for at-home manicures. The brand’s versatility makes it accessible to both beauty beginners and seasoned nail enthusiasts alike.

China Glaze: Bold and Daring

China Glaze


Unleash your bold and daring side with China Glaze, a brand that pushes the boundaries of nail fashion. Known for its vibrant and statement-making colors, China Glaze empowers individuals to experiment with their nail looks. Whether you’re into neon hues, holographic effects, or unconventional textures, China Glaze is your go-to brand for making a lasting impression.

CND Vinylux: Week-Long Wear

CND Vinylux


With its week-long wear formulas, CND Vinylux stands out as one of the best nail polish brands, providing a practical alternative for individuals who lead hectic lifestyles. Your manicure will remain intact even on the busiest days thanks to the brand’s combination of long-lasting products and a wide range of colors. You can get CND Vinylux in a rainbow of colors to match any outfit or disposition, and it has a finish that won’t chip, solidifying its reputation in the realm of high-quality nail polish.

Deborah Lippmann: Luxury Redefined

Deborah Lippmann


If you’re looking to up your manicure game, Deborah Lippmann is one of the best nail polish brands and a company that redefines luxury. Deborah Lippmann appeals to customers who appreciate refinement in all its forms with her upscale formulas and fashionable color palettes. Elegant packaging adorns each bottle, extending the brand’s focus to perfection beyond the polish itself. For individuals in search of an opulent and top-notch nail care experience, Deborah Lippmann is a popular choice because it embodies refinement.

Butter London: Runway Ready

Butter London


Inspired by runway trends, Butter London brings fashion-forward hues to your fingertips, establishing itself as one of the best nail polish brands. With a commitment to clean beauty, the brand provides a selection of colors that are not only fashionable but also safe for your nails. Butter London’s commitment to quality, paired with its stylish packaging, has made it popular among those seeking runway-ready nails. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or simply value high-quality nail products, Butter London ensures a chic and safe manicure experience.

KL Polish: Beauty with a Purpose

KL Polish


Founded by beauty influencer Kathleen Lights, KL Polish goes beyond delivering stunning nail colors; it champions cruelty-free and vegan-friendly formulations. This brand is the perfect choice for those who want to align their beauty routine with their values. With KL Polish, you can adorn your nails with confidence, knowing that you’re supporting a brand committed to beauty with a purpose.

Smith & Cult: Artistic Edge

Smith & Cult


Closing our list is Smith & Cult, a brand that seamlessly blends art with nail fashion. From the moment you lay eyes on the chic packaging to the application of vibrant hues, Smith & Cult caters to the artistic souls who view their nails as a canvas for self-expression. The brand’s attention to detail, both in formulation and presentation, sets it apart as a top choice for those seeking an elevated and artistic nail experience.

ORLY Armor: Unveiling the Power of Top Coats in Manicure Perfection


A high-quality top coat is the hidden hero of any perfect manicure, and selecting the right one can have a big impact on the longevity and overall appearance of your nail polish. The best nail polish top coats not only give your manicure a glossy look but also work as a protective coating against chips and cracks, extending its life span. A top coat seals in the color increases the polish’s brilliance, and creates a smooth, glass-like surface that adds refinement to your nails. Look for top coats with quick-drying formulas to save time, as well as ones that resist yellowing to keep your manicure looking fresh and vivid for longer.

Seche Vite: Effortless Excellence in Best Nail Polish Top Coat

Seche Vite


Among top coats, the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat stands out as the best nail polish top coat. This top coat revolutionizes the ease of nail care with its renowned quick drying time. Not only does it dry rapidly, but its revolutionary formula also leaves a long-lasting, glossy finish that brings out the radiance of any nail polish color.

A strong protective barrier is formed when the unique technology of Seche Vite seeps through the layers of polish. This barrier helps to prevent chipping and extends the life of your manicure. Nail art devotees consider Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, with its glossy and robust finish, to be the holy grail product since it provides salon-quality results in the comfort of one’s own home with minimal effort and maximum longevity.


In the dynamic world of nail artistry, the 2024 guide to the best nail polish brands offers a diverse range for style enthusiasts. From Essie’s timeless elegance to OPI’s artistic color fusion, the list includes Zoya’s focus on nail health, Sally Hansen’s at-home salon quality, China Glaze’s bold statements, and CND Vinylux’s practicality.

Deborah Lippmann embodies luxury, Butter London follows runway trends, KL Polish champions beauty with a purpose, and Smith & Cult seamlessly blends art with nail fashion. Spotlighting top coats, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat emerges as the holy grail – a revolutionary favorite combining quick-drying, long-lasting radiance, and a protective barrier. As we navigate 2024, may our nails dazzle with elegance, creativity, and enduring brilliance, thanks to top-notch nail polish brands and high-quality top coats.


What makes Essie a timeless elegance among the best nail polish brands of 2024?

Essie is revered for its classic elegance, offering a wide range of shades with distinctive formulations that ensure flawless application and long-lasting wear.

How does OPI uniquely blend art and nails, securing its place among the best nail polish brands?

OPI captivates with its artistic fusion, boasting an extensive color palette, trendsetting shades, and creative polish names, making it a go-to brand for a unique and artistic nail experience

In what ways does Smith & Cult blend art with nail fashion, making it a top choice among the best nail polish brands?

Smith & Cult seamlessly blends art with nail fashion, catering to artistic souls with chic packaging, vibrant hues, and meticulous attention to detail in both formulation and presentation.

In what ways does Zoya prioritize nail health while offering a stunning spectrum of colors, establishing itself as one of the best nail polish brands?

Zoya leads in nail health, emphasizing non-toxic ingredients alongside a stunning array of colors, making it a top choice for those balancing style and well-being.

In what aspects does Deborah Lippmann redefine luxury, distinguishing itself as one of the best nail polish brands in 2024?

Deborah Lippmann redefines luxury through high-end formulations, stylish palettes, and elegant packaging, catering to consumers valuing excellence in every aspect.